Scott Wallace (D-PA-01)

Scott Wallace

Scott Wallace is running for Pennsylvania’s 1st district. He won the primary against two other candidates with 56.5% of the votes. In the general election, Wallace will face Republican Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-08) who is being redistricted to the 1stdistrict. Wallace has spent his life advocating for a wide variety of human rights issues through government agencies, law positions, and nonprofits.

Background and Achievements

Scott Wallace was born and raised in Buck County and received his BA from Haverford College. After graduating from Villanova Law School, he clerked for a federal judge who was also from Bucks County. Wallace has broad professional experience in multiple different sectors of change, including as a counsel for the US Senate Judiciary Committee, the chief foreign policy and defense advisor to the Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs, and a member of nonprofit organizations which work to improve the criminal justice system. Wallace has experience co-writing bills, running projects for the US Justice Department, and pressuring Congress to pass legislation. For the past two decades, Wallace and his wife has run the Wallace Global Fund which works internationally to empower women, address climate change, and create clean energy jobs.

Positions on Key Issues

  • Advocates for reproductive rights, Equal Pay for Equal Work, and paid parental leave
  • Supports common sense gun legislation
  • Opposes Citizens United Decision
  • Supports DACA and DREAMers
  • Protects Medicare and Medicaid

Prospects & Opponents

Wallace will face incumbent Republican Brain Fitzpatrick in the general election. Fitzpatrick is the current representative of PA’s 8thdistrict but he is being redistricted to the 1st. Since being elected in 2016, Fitzpatrick has opposed the ACA, supported a border wall, and voted in support of a 20-week abortion ban. Fitzpatrick was listed the 3rdmost bipartisan member in the House by the Bipartisan Index.


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