Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ-11)

Mikie Sherrill

Mikie Sherrill is running for an open seat in the 11th Congressional district of New Jersey after right-wing conservative Republican U.S. Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen quit. Feminists are excited about this race because Sherill is an excellent candidate, a good match for the district, and is a champion for women’s issues. The district was rated Lean Republican, but as of May 2018 is rated Lean Democrat on the Cook Political Report, indicating Mikie’s popularity.

Background and Achievements

Mikie went to the Naval Academy and graduated in the first class of women eligible for combat. She became a helicopter pilot and flew missions throughout Europe and the Middle East. In addition, she received her Master’s degree in Global History from the London School of Economics and Political Science.  After being on active duty in the Navy for almost 10 years, she received her law degree from Georgetown University and worked at the U.S. Attorney’s office. Mikie is married and is a working mother of 4 children.  Her husband is a fellow Naval Academy graduate and they live in Montclair, New Jersey.  Mikie coaches her daughter’s lacrosse team and manages her son’s soccer team.

Positions on Key Issues

  • Supports the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Supports women’s reproductive health Planned Parenthood
  • Wants to create new jobs in solar and wind
  • Advocates for public education
  • Champion for civil rights
  • Invest in infrastructure projects to help grow the economy

Prospects & Opponents

Jay Webber is an anti-abortion advocate and supports the heavy militarization of police. His right-wing leaning poses a threat to Planned Parenthood in the state and to women’s safety. Although he claims to be an advocate for women he expresses no plans to ensure basic protection for women and minorities.


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