Kendra Fershee (D-WV-01)

Kendra Fershee

Kendra Fershee is running in the 2018 election to represent West Virginia’s 1st district in the House of Representatives. She is a teacher, family lawyer, and public servant. On May 8, she won the Democratic primary and will run against Republican incumbent David McKinley in the general election on November 6.

Background and Achievements

Kendra Fershee lives in Morgantown, WV, and her kids go to Monongalia County public schools. She got her BA from the University of Michigan and her JD from Tulane Law School. In between her undergraduate and law school years, she did political organizing work in Washington, DC, with a focus on civil liberties. Her career after law school includes work as a litigation associate, a pro bono family lawyer, and currently a law professor and Associate Dean at the West Virginia University College of Law.

Positions on Key Issues

  • Believes that healthcare is a universal right
  • Supports the right to choose and have access to reproductive healthcare
  • Supports federal funding for schools and more affordable higher education
  • Advocates for equal pay for equal work
  • Supports unions

Prospects & Opponents

Kendra Fershee won the Democratic primary on May 8 by over 9 percent. In the November 6 general election, she will run against Republican incumbent David McKinley. McKinley has been in office since 2011 after winning his election by less than 1 percent. Donald Trump won by 41.6 points in the district. The Cook Political Report rates the election as solidly Republican and the Cook Partisan Voter Index is R+19. Furshee won the Democratic primary with a massive grassroots effort against a very well-financed campaign. No one gave her a chance except the local NOW organization and a large cadre of volunteers. She is again determined to score another stunning upset with an even bigger grassroots campaign, led by fired up women’s and progressive local movements.


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