Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-FL-26)

Debbie is a feminist running to represent Florida’s 26th congressional district, currently represented by a Republican. Florida’s 26th district is home to a large immigrant and Cuban population and much of the land was devastated by Hurricane Maria.


Background and Achievements

Debbie is a graduate of Pitzer College and Claremont University, where she studied Political Science and International Political Economy, respectively. Following her education, she moved to Florida, where she has dedicated her time to helping the local community through non-profit work. Throughout her work at the Zoo Miami Foundation, the Coral Restoration Foundation, and the College of Health at Florida International University, much of her career has been devoted to protecting Florida’s environment and expanding Floridian’s access to healthcare.


Positions on Key Issues

  • Strongly supports women’s rights, including equal pay, ending gender discrimination, and a woman’s right to choose
  • Gun policy reform, including universal background checks
  • Expanding access to public education
  • Protections for Medicare and the Affordable Care Act

Prospects & Opponents

Feminists are incredibly excited by this race, which has been rated a toss-up both by the Cook Political Report and Crystal Ball. The incumbent, Carlos Curbelo, won his last election by 12%, but Hillary Clinton also won the district by 16%. While he appears as a moderate, his opposition to the Affordable Care Act will hurt him in November. With your support, Debbie can win this district.


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