Danny O’Connor (D-OH-12)

Danny O’Connor is running for the House of Representatives in Ohio’s 12th District’s August 7 Special Election and the November general election. The current incumbent, Patrick Tiberi, has resigned, leaving the seat vacant and requiring a special election to fill the seat immediately as well as the November 6 general election.

Background and Achievements

After graduating from Wright University, O’Connor spent a year in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps as a legal advocate helping veterans, immigrants, and families stricken by poverty. O’Connor aided people who had nowhere else to turn, helping them keep their heat on, get the benefits they had earned through military service, and in some cases, allowing them to keep a roof over their heads.

Danny O’Connor was elected Franklin County Recorder in 2016, where he manages a staff of 54 employees. As Franklin County Recorder, O’Connor has helped turn the office around to make it more efficient for taxpayers and instituted reforms that helped homeowners, veterans, and the homeless. In 2015, Danny and his law partner were honored to contribute to the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers Amicus Brief supporting Ohioan Jim Obergefell’s push to recognize marriage equality. And he worked to make the Recorder’s Office a place that supports working families, creating the department’s first paid family leave program for his employees.

Danny O’Connor is running for Congress to expand health care coverage, protect Medicare and Social Security benefits, create more economic opportunities for working families and small business owners in central Ohio, and help end the partisan dysfunction in Washington. Danny will work with both sides of the aisle to find common ground and make our government work again.

Positions on Key Issues

  • Advocate for expanding healthcare coverage for all and reproductive rights
  • Wants to create more economic opportunities and jobs
  • Advocate for combating climate change
  • Supporter of accessible and improved education system
  • Supporter of safeguarding voter rights
  • Avid protector of Medicare and social security

Prospects & Opponents

Danny O’Connor is running against a conservative Republican member of the Ohio State Senate representing District 20. The resigning incumbent, Patrick Tiberi, is leaving to lead the Ohio Business Roundtable. Trump won this district by 11 points, but the Cook Political Report rates it as a toss-up because recent polling has only placed O’Connor behind by 2 points. Both will compete on August 12 and November 6.