Conor Lamb (D-PA-17)

Conor Lamb

Conor Lamb, an attorney and current incumbent in the House in the 18thdistrict, is running for the House to represent the state of Pennsylvania in the 17thdistrict. In February 2018, Pennsylvania redrew their Congressional district mapping due to partisan gerrymandering. The 17thdistrict came to include portions of the old 3rd, 12th, 14th, and 18thdistricts. He ran unopposed in the 17thdistrict primary on May 15, and now he will face the Republican candidate, Keith Rothfus. Rothfus is the current incumbent of the 12thdistrict and he ran unopposed in the primary as well. The two are set to face off in the November 6 general elections.

Background and Achievements

Conor Lamb attended the University of Pennsylvania for both his undergraduate degree in political science and his JD degree. After law school, he joined the Marines and prosecuted high profile cases of rape and sexual assault. In 2014, he was appointed Assistant US Attorney in the United States Department of Justice’s Pittsburgh office. He is currently the incumbent of the 18thdistrict; however, he is running to represent the 17thdistrict.

He is personally opposed to abortion; however, this has not stopped him from advocating for women’s right to make their own healthcare decisions.

Positions on Key Issues

  • Advocates for immediate action on the heroin crisis
  • Supports job training
  • Advocates for a secure and reliable electric grid
  • Supports the Affordable Care Act
  • Advocates women’s rights
  • Supports protecting Medicare and Social Security
  • Advocates unions
  • Supports responsible energy development

Prospects & Opponents

Conor Lamb ran unopposed in the Democratic primary on May 15th, as did his Republican opponent, Keith Rothfus. Both candidates are incumbents in different districts, and they are now running to represent the newly redrawn 17thdistrict in Pennsylvania. Keith Rothfus has been the 12thdistrict’s incumbent since 2012. He has voted with the Republican party on most bills. He is known as a right-wing extremist. This race was rated a toss-up by the Cook Political Report. The two will face off in the November 6 general elections.


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