Amy McGrath (D-KY-06)

Amy McGrath

Amy McGrath is running to represent the 6th District of Kentucky in the United States House of Representatives. McGrath won her Democratic primary on May 22 and will face Republican incumbent, Andy Barr, in the general election on November 6. McGrath is a retired fighter pilot for the U.S. Marines and her election to the House of Representatives would ensure that the 6th District of Kentucky is represented by a feminist woman.

Background and Achievements

Amy McGrath was raised in Edgewood, Kentucky. From a young age, McGrath dreamed of flying fighter jets. When she discovered that there was a federal law preventing women from serving in combat roles, McGrath started writing letters to members of Congress and her local newspaper to advocate for change. The combat exclusion law was lifted during McGrath’s senior year of high school and she attended the United States Naval Academy upon graduation. McGrath was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. She later completed flight school and pursued her dream of being a fighter pilot, becoming the first woman in the Marines to fly an F/A-18 on a combat mission. McGrath later worked on Capitol Hill as a policy advisor and then in the Pentagon as the Marine Corps’ liaison to federal government agencies, including the Department of State. In 2014, after reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, McGrath began teaching political science at the U.S. Naval Academy. Amy McGrath says she is now running to represent Kentucky’s 6th District to continue to protect the country from those who seek to do harm.

Positions on Key Issues

  • Believes that a reproductive choices should be between a woman and her doctor
  • Advocates for victims of sexual assault and wants to address the systemic problem
  • Supports responsible gun control
  • Believes in access to affordable healthcare for all Americans
  • Supports the investment in renewable energy to combat climate change

Prospects & Opponents

McGrath won the Democratic primary on May 22 against five Democratic candidates, all of whom were men. Republican incumbent, Andy Barr, is seeking re-election. In Congress, Barr has demonstrated an anti-women’s rights and reproductive rights agenda. Barr said would “enthusiastically” support measures to repeal the Affordable Care Act and throw 23 million Americans off of health coverage. The general election will take place on November 6.


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